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March 2017

    quarter in water

    You’re probably thinking, “Never, what is she talking about?”

    Think about it using this example: You’re waiting for a taxi but you see a quarter and bend over to pick it up. At the same time a taxi cab flies by and you look up, upset that you missed the cab for a quarter. In reality, that cab driver just might have gotten into an accident shortly down the road. Extreme I know, but it proves a point. That quarter may have just saved your life.

    On a lighter note, that quarter may have caused you miss a flight, allowing you to meet the love of your life while stuck in the airport.

    Regardless of the outcome, both situations began with the same action of you taking a break in your life to admire something. Now clearly, I’m not just talking about quarters, but moments in your life where you stop rushing, for just a second, and pause.

    Taking the time out of your day to pick up a fallen coin, admire a tree, smile at a baby, or do anything else that lights you up inside.

    I encourage you to take time in your life to notice the beautiful little things, and create space for ‘chance’ miracles to come your way when you do.


    peace + love

    March 15, 2017
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