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I Walk Away With Exactly What I Needed + New Motivation

Julianne is a thoughtful, professional coach who is very effective in facilitating growth and change in her clients.  Julianne is an expert in asking powerful questions and bringing out her client’s resourcefulness and inner strength to reach new heights and goals in life. Every time I have a session with Julianne, I walk away with exactly what I needed and new motivation to make things happen in my life.

-Gina Conner, Ed.D

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What is “The Hidden Geisha”?

Geisha is a Japanese word that literally translates to “Person of Art.” So I created The Hidden Geisha to technically mean, ‘The Hidden Person of Art.’

Putting an umbrella over what The Hidden Geisha stands for, the core purpose is to help provide people with empowering perspectives which I have found, are often hidden from us. When these perspectives are hidden, our ability to create the positive situations in our lives that would stem from those perspectives, is also hidden. New perspectives empower us create new, and better, situations in our lives.

As each of us has the ability to create these situations, we are all the artists of our lives. From my current experience, I have seen that we all have perspectives that keep the capabilities of our inner artist, hidden. So, we are all The Hidden Geisha, or Hidden Artists, in our own lives.

Who is Julianne?

Hi! I am the creator and embodiment of the concept and persona, The Hidden Geisha. Some things that I do which currently fill me with Love, Joy, and Peace are serving my clients as an Intuitive life coach, exploring my thoughts, writing, being in nature, admiring all forms of art, occasionally modeling 🙂 In terms of training, I am a Whole Person Certified Life Coach and combine a few systems of Energy Work that I have made my own.

I believe that living your truth and living your abundance are linked, that Rest is a cheat code to success, and that we don’t have to live in the pressure of “figuring it all out” and can instead receive intuitive guidance on everything and create our lives and ideas based upon that. These are my present loves and joys, and as such this offers a glimmer of the present me 🤍

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