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My work as an Intuitive life coach is a co-creative process between the client and I to uncover the unique perspectives that they need in their lives at that time to be empowered in whatever situations they are currently facing. Typically, these perspectives help the clients to go deep within themselves to discover blocks, confront difficult truths, and ultimately gain the awareness and power to integrate their past and align their present to consciously create their future.

I view the goal as not to know all perspectives, but to find and integrate the ones that empower us to create more love, joy, and peace in our lives, every day.


I have spent a lot of my time, with Me. My mind, my body, my spirit, my subconscious. This is helpful because for some people, truly spending time with themselves, with no distractions, and addressing everything that comes up through that process is scary. And, it can be. Some even get panic attacks out of the fear of what may or what does start to come up. But, this scariness doesn’t last forever, and the more you commit to experiencing yourself, the less scary it becomes over time. Thankfully I’ve been there, I’ve walked through the process, and honored the fears, pains, shame and everything else that’s come up along the way. This is a never-ending journey, because we can never go anywhere without ourselves, so by deeply committing to this practice as a way of life, it helps me to be able to hold a loving and piercingly honest space for you on this journey to bring more of your true self to the present moment. I believe that this practice of connecting to the self with absolute honesty and compassion is part of the foundation in order to start living a life where you feel empowered to make decisions that increase the feelings of love, joy, and peace that you experience on a regular basis. These feelings don’t only have to exist on the weekends or vacations, but can be a part of your normal lived experience. All that it takes is your genuine commitment and dedication, to you.

Who I “Be.”

Hmm, I think that I have always danced around the question, “Who are you?” or “Tell me about yourself.” I think it’s because deep down I have always known that “Who I Am” and “Myself” shift like the seasonal weather. I am brought to the following Christian Bible verse in 1 Corinthians 15:31 (NKJV), ” I affirm, by the boasting in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.” For as long as I can remember, this has been my truth. In my personal commitment to my values, I have always allowed myself to undergo various collapses of my ego in order to have the truth of these values as a lived experience within me. So ‘Who I am’ or as some would say, ‘Who I am Being’, is always shifting.

I practice releasing commitments to certain ‘Identity’ titles in order to allow myself to just play with whatever I want to. In my experience I have found that commitment to titles can limit expression and growth. However, commitment to my values, such as Personal Growth, my Authentic Self, and Truth allow me to play in any expression needed in order to more deeply embody those commitments. Every day I am remembering more about myself, and often that means doing things that don’t “make sense” to most people but feel extremely aligned internally. I believe that when we honor ourselves and live in our highest joy, we are working together to create empowered, self-sustaining communities where each individual in the community is symbiotically supported in living their Joy.

What I can say about who I am Being at the moment is what is brining me the most joy and fun in my Now. Currently I enjoy travel, plants, tea, naps, the sun, soft textures, sound, and color. I deeply enjoy how people express these things creatively and combining them in my own personal creative expressions as well. Additional things that I enjoy are binging Netflix, Festivals, Hip-Hop/Rap, and the funnies of the Internet 🙂

My Story.

You’re successful, at least to everyone else, but I know there’s a secret feeling inside of you that can sense there’s a disconnect between who you want to be versus how you actually end up being in life. There’s a restlessness in your spirit. You don’t truly feel connected to yourself. Every day you wake up worried about trying to figure out what to do, what new habits you need to start, what you’re good at, and how you can be that idealized version of success that you have in your mind. You want to achieve success, but would also love to feel true to your inner self and values, like you’re honoring your unique energy, and know where you need to focus your unique self-awareness and development efforts to achieve your goals.

If this sounds familiar it’s because I was in that exact position and spent over 10 years trying to figure it all out. What I found, was a way in.

I started this journey looking to other people who I deemed successful in traditional sense (they had a lot of money and seemed happy) and tried to emulate some of the things that they did. For example, I would watch one of these people talk about how they simply decided to start waking up at 5am and how their lives were immediately better. I tried that out for a while and got the opposite results, ultimately feeling more tired, and more irritable.

Another way that I went about trying to figure out how to rid this restlessness and figure out what I needed to be doing, was through systems. I was taking the Myers-Briggs, doing seasonal color typing for personal style, and diving DEEP into astrology. All of these systems were valuable in their own ways, but still didn’t fill exactly what I was looking for. And in some ways, being placed into boxes via these systems were more disempowering than anything else. For example, as a Pisces I was supposed to be very emotional and feel everything, while at the same time as a Myers-Briggs ‘INTP’ I was supposed to be out of tune with my emotions. All this served to do was to leave me with more confusion, as none of these systems captured the full expression of who I was, and therefore couldn’t give me exact direction into how to be my best and most successful self.

As the years went by, my obsessions only progressed. I was convinced that with the right system I would find my answers, so I found more and more things to learn, forums to read, and YouTube videos to watch. It felt like there were always thoughts in my head popping up, pressing me to keep searching, that I couldn’t pin down and put away. Despite all of the things that I was learning, I felt like I was just picking up more noise, and less peace. I was so affected by all of these systems, other people’s thoughts, and their ways of living, that I was severely out of tune with myself, my thoughts, and my unique way of living. I was attempting to use these systems to define who I was, who I was supposed to be in this world.

These things took me away from focusing on living in the moment and even considering that the best system that I could find would be through being present, self-aware, and getting in tune with myself. That I could create my own system and definition of success rather than trying to follow other people’s systems to attain their version of success. Which in truth would never feel 100% right because we all have different versions of success and ways that we can authentically go about living it.

My ‘aha!’ moment was more like a series of events that took place. I was in a season of my life where I was surrounded by visual and musical artists that I deeply admired. In my mind, I started to wonder if everyone held some level of artistry within them and I came to the conclusion that the scientist, the account, and the builder, were all artists in some way. They all had crafts and skills that they could refine in the pursuit of mastery, and I love viewing everyone around me in that way. As for myself, I asked, “What is my art?” It wasn’t the sciences, it wasn’t the traditional artforms, but I knew that there was a certain thoroughly thought out intentionality to some of the most nuanced things that I did. In my life, I would almost always have reason and rationale to almost any question speaking to why I did things a certain way. That’s when it clicked to me… My art, was life. Living life. The way that I approached and created it held the same artistry that I admired in others. What I then realized, was that everyone has the capacity to live their lives as artists. We are all actually the constant artists of our lives. Some of us are just more intentional about what we’re creating while others allow their artistry to remain hidden as we create unconsciously. With each unconscious part of ourselves running the show, a bit of our personal artistry, and ability to create (which takes place when we are conscious), is hidden. I realized that we were all hidden artists in some way, shape, or form. But with more awareness of self, we could take our unconscious behaviors and consciously create lives that we wanted to live.

Since that moment. That has been my commitment, to my present experience, to knowing myself deeply, and to questioning behaviors that come from an unconscious place of reaction rather than response, and seeing if those behaviors serve me, or if they’re something that I want to shift. I am The Hidden Geisha, the Hidden Artist, working to make my unconscious more conscious, and fill my space with responses of love rather than reactions of fear. But I’m not alone. Those, which might include yourself, who also share this commitment are also Hidden Artists, Hidden Geisha. And if you feel the call it would be my pleasure to hold space for you, offer coaching, and guidance on this journey.

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