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    Hello to all! Thank you so much for your patience with the release of this episode! This particular episode comes at a time that has collectively felt heavy, confusing, and seems to be calling everyone to stand in their personal truths and honor themselves.

    With all of this heavy inner-work I felt it was the perfect time to release this episode on Self-Care as we can all use a little TLC right about now.

    Self-Care looks different for everyone, and is one of the hardest gifts to give to ourselves, but the reward is always worth it.

    Episode Timestamps:

    0:00 Intro

    1:30 Definition of Self-care

    3:00 Introduction of Guest Akilah Alexander

    4:18 Self-care in the media

    11:20 The key to true self-care-‘Honesty’

    17:48 Example of Akilah’s Self-Care

    20:00 Radical Honesty

    24:21 Beyonce Interlude

    30:03 Taking responsibilty for your life

    37:50 Identifying your Pattern of Success

    42:02 True self-care examples

    47:02 Living in you potential according to Akilah

    1:01:03 Recap of key themes

    1:02:35 Episode outro

    Episode Guest: Akilah’s Instagram:


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    July 30, 2019
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  • Hello Everyone! This episode is all about your beliefs! Often times we place limits on ourselves giving a list of things that we ‘(can)’t’ do, that blocks us from even trying. It is not easy to believe the exact opposite of what you have internalized as the ‘truth’, but you can. It just takes work. There is space for you and your dreams. Success comes to those who move against their limiting beliefs and chase their dreams. The decision to act according to your desired belief is your only barrier. You just have to start 🙂

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  • Welcome! This episode centers around one of the most powerful practices that we can embark upon in our human experience which is the practice of mindfulness. In this episode, my guest Jhade and I discuss what mindfulness is, the positive results that it gives, and it’s ability to help you create the life that you want!

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  • This episode talks about the power that we have in being able to choose our perspectives and how we can apply this power to re-write stories that we tell ourselves throughout our lives!

    Featured Guest: Donavan Jules

    Episode Timestamps
    1:50 Guest intro Donavan
    9:20 How to have happiness
    11:00 What areas of life does perspective impact?
    17:50 How to re-write your story
    21:58 What shapes your perspective
    24: 57 The dangers of not shaping your perspective
    30:00 What life can look like with intentional perspective
    44:07 The two rules to living
    49:20 Review of Key points

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