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July 2019

    Hello to all! Thank you so much for your patience with the release of this episode! This particular episode comes at a time that has collectively felt heavy, confusing, and seems to be calling everyone to stand in their personal truths and honor themselves.

    With all of this heavy inner-work I felt it was the perfect time to release this episode on Self-Care as we can all use a little TLC right about now.

    Self-Care looks different for everyone, and is one of the hardest gifts to give to ourselves, but the reward is always worth it.

    Episode Timestamps:

    0:00 Intro

    1:30 Definition of Self-care

    3:00 Introduction of Guest Akilah Alexander

    4:18 Self-care in the media

    11:20 The key to true self-care-‘Honesty’

    17:48 Example of Akilah’s Self-Care

    20:00 Radical Honesty

    24:21 Beyonce Interlude

    30:03 Taking responsibilty for your life

    37:50 Identifying your Pattern of Success

    42:02 True self-care examples

    47:02 Living in you potential according to Akilah

    1:01:03 Recap of key themes

    1:02:35 Episode outro

    Episode Guest: Akilah’s Instagram:


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    July 30, 2019
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