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    Curious about the transformation?

    The Process.

    As a coach, I work one on one with people on whatever comes up. I don’t have set steps that I walk anyone through, because people are extremely individual and all need something slightly different at whatever place in their life that they’re in.

    Though I use a few tools in order to help guide inward reflection, the process is as unique as you. I hold the space for my clients to go as deep as they want to go, and as they need to go, into themselves. Through this, they discover hidden information within and can then determine how to use it in empowering ways. One of my favorite parts of the process is actually to help the client strengthen their intuition by tuning into themselves at the beginning of each session, and setting the intention for what we discuss themselves. It’s this strengthening of the intuition that continuously helps you even as you move beyond our working relationship.

    My goal is to guide you to and empower you with the tools and information that you need to create your own system of guidance so that you don’t have to depend on me, any one, or any system to know how to bring yourself more love, joy, and peace. That’s my goal.

    In a real-world sense, we meet virtually once every one to two weeks over the course of 9 weeks for 1-1.5 hours at a time. During each session I offer whatever is needed which may be Coaching, Guidance, Energy Work, etc. My intention is to use my toolkit to best support what is present in your reality during our session. At the close of each session we may co-create activities or a focus for the time until our next session.


    More About the Work.

    I live intuitively and my work with people reflects that. Currently, my work has me supporting people through attuning them to their own energy, it’s flow, and working with it in order to bring more of their authentic self into play.

    In the Present Moment, this looks like helping ideas and their dreamers to co-create with one another and ‘get their ideas off of the ground.’ My definition of an idea is any stroke of inspiration, so this can be personal growth related, business related, organization related, etc. Even when working with things that seem to be outside of yourself such as “business, organizations, social justice movements, creative projects” I believe that the work to shift and co-create those things always puts the focus back on You. When you develop and align yourself personally, you also develop and align whatever you are co-creating. They are directly impacted by one another.  Where you are not in flow personally tends to translate to lack of flow in working with your ideas as well.

    Our work together allows me to see where people are not in flow with the energies of their own life. We then work together on developing the skills for clients to begin not only recognizing some of these blocks to their flow on their own, but to also sustain and adapt to restoring their flow long term. My work is in empowerment. I do not believe that long-term anyone should be reliant on me, and part of my intention is to have my clients be able to access the world of energetic resources available to them, without me.

    I do not believe in singular leaders, and instead believe that everyone involved with an idea should personally do the work to attune themselves to the values of that idea. By learning how to attune and align with values and ideas, everyone moving in service to the idea becomes capable of being a leader, or creating. As leaders/creators, they do have to solely rely on someone else’s embodiment of the cause/idea to be the only thing that guides them. Instead, they offer even more valuable support to the idea through their ability to personally lead/create because they have done the work to embody the values of the cause within themselves as well. This is how we ensure longevity and no longer rely on a singular person or small group of persons to lead us in the causes that we care deeply about. We see that we can guide, lead, and create things ourselves!

    My agenda is one of liberation, and my intention is for the best and highest outcomes for all. This work can seem subtle, and primarily asks those that I am working with for their commitment and receptivity to your authentic self above all. Everything else will take place and be taken care of in Divine timing and by Divine Will… Welcome🙂


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    February 10, 2019
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